Kathmandu, Nepal


Awardee / Achievement

National Geographic Society’s 2020 Class of Emerging Explorers

Aloi’s CTO & co-founder, Ms. Sonika Manandhar

A week ago, the National Geographic Society announced their 2020 Emerging Explorers and our

co-founder Sonika Manandhar was one of them. This award is a recognition to a decade of Ms. Sonika Manandhar’s work as a computer engineer and for the work, we do at Aloi. Along with her, there were other seven incredible 2020 Emerging Explorers: Enrique LomnitzDiva AmonJoy BuolamwiniAdams CassingaTamara MerinoAnthony Obayomi and Ali Pressel. Congratulations to all these incredible changemakers doing their part to transform the world for better.

National Geographic Society recognizes and elevates the global changemakers and helps shine the light on the work they are doing around the globe. These global changemakers of the latest class of 2020 are chosen for empowering the next generation of changemakers and to show the power of science and exploration to transform the world.

Awards like these always motivate companies like Aloi and individual changemakers like Ms. Sonika Manandhar to do remarkable works illuminating the issues of our world and transforming them for the better. We would like to thank the National Geographic Society for the recognition of our work. Here’s to changing the world with technology and exploration!