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Kathmandu, Nepal




Who we are

Aloi’s co-founders, Tiffany Tong and Sonika Manandhar, bring a combined 20 years of fintech, international development and computer engineering experience. While working with the World Bank and the Microsoft Innovation Center, they graduated from the Singularity University Global Solutions Program in Silicon Valley.
Our computer programming team has more than 60 years of combined experience in programming financial technology software. They are experienced in developing software at global standards. We also have 10 talented project managers and assistants who manage implementation, business development, and field operations. We work closely with advisors from Standard Chartered Ventures, Welthungerhilfe, and the Athena School of Management

Aloi is the phonetic spelling of alloy.
Stronger together!

Our Mission

Power affordable financing for last-mile micro-entrepreneurs through growing trust with technology.

Our Vision

Unlocking affordable impact-targeted financing to grow a green economy led by grassroots micro-enterprises.

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    How was Aloi formed?

    Aloi’s co-founders, Sonika and Tiffany, met at the Global Solutions Program hosted by Singularity University in Silicon Valley. They bonded over a common goal of empowering the grassroots economy. Combining their backgrounds in technology, data, financial services, and international development, they started Aloi.

    Solutions offered by Aloi

    Aloi has been piloting and scaling in Nepal for the last 3 years. We have built a strong network of collaborators and clients.

    In particular, Aloi has been working in the follow two sectors in the past 3 years:

      • Safa tempos are electric mini-buses in Kathmandu. Aloi has been working with the safa tempo union, drivers, and owners. Their key characteristics are being urban informal sector microentrepreneurs.
      • Smallholder micro-entrepreneur farmers: generally they are part of agriculture cooperatives, which could also be a savings and credit cooperative at the same time.

    We currently have two digital token loan products for:

    Public electric buses in Kathmandu
    (called safa tempos)

    Agribusinesses all around Nepal

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