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Last-Mile Responsible Finance

Tokenized digital loan software powering affordable finance for micro-entrepreneurs

About Us

Who We are

Our Impact

How It Works

Aloi is a loan insight software powering financial inclusion in emerging markets. We monitor micro-business loan use via digital tokens. Secured by blockchain, we aim to transform business financing for micro-entrepreneurs and banks alike.

To increase inclusivity, our user interface is through SMS and does not require mobile internet or smartphones. This means our software is usable on 100% of phones, without the need for version updates. We increase responsible financial access for micro-entrepreneurs.

Through increasing insights into where and how loans are spent, we help focus business loans on business, leading to increased investment and subsequent return on investment.

How we operate

We monitor the end-use of business loans using digital tokens, especially for informal sector micro-entrepreneurs


Lenders use Aloi to digitally disburse business loans to borrowers. This is safer, faster, and cheaper than traditional methods


Borrowers (micro-entrepreneurs) pay accredited vendors for business goods/services. We help focus business loans on business investment


Vendors redeem tokens to cash from Lender (bank transfer/digital wallet/cash)


Introducing a Cashless and Branchless Bank Era for Microfinance Business Loans

Who we serve


Informal sector microentrepreneurs, especially women, who usually do not have any collateral or credit history, so they borrow at high-interest rates

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions use us as a digital fund management system because they can be sure the financing was used on business assets

Impact Investors

Impact sector funders will have a scalable platform to deliver investments while cutting management and monitoring costs considerably


Vendors will be connected to customers who have assured credit to ensure loans to be used for the intended purpose only


For Financial institutions

  • Cashless banking → Less physical visits &  costs
  • Lower ticket size loans are feasible
  • Alternative credit score data


For micro-entrepreneurs

  • Increased loan amount
  • Credit data interoperable with different banks → more choice
  • Vendor discounts (group negotiation)

For vendors

  • Guaranteed payment
  • Increased marketing
  • Use our credit score data for new loans 

Secured by blockchain

Smart contract integration possible

Works on 100% of phones

SMS or offline app user interface

Our Benefits

Responsible finance is one of the key concerns of the microfinance industry in Nepal and other emerging markets. Overborrowing for consumption instead of productive assets can cause a negative loan cycle (new loans are only used to repay old loans, instead of growing businesses). Most current solutions offer digitally disbursed loans, which can still be used only for consumption. There are few other solutions that encourage a focus on business loans like Aloi. 
Similar to an automatic audit, agripreneurs gain more access to more/larger loans through conditional loans, which is especially helpful to the “missing middle” of micro-enterprise financing. We also help agripreneurs grow their credit history. As our data is interoperable with different financial institutions, this leads to more choice for future loans. 
For financial institutions, we make it more affordable to disburse and track lower ticket size loans. With cashless banking, we also help them lower their operation costs (less physical visits). Our system is designed for easy integration with core banking systems. 

Complete traceability and accountability

Borrowers or fund recipients will only be able to spend the digital funds within an accredited ecosystem of vendors

Combine public and private funding

With our system, program funding from any source can be combined into a customized digital token and be traceable from source to end.

Simplify monitoring and evaluation

Borrowers or fund recipients will only be able to spend the digital funds within an accredited ecosystem of vendors

Reduce management cost

We are a technology platform built for economies of scale to reduce costs for compliance, procurement, and logistics

Build local markets

Local spending builds local networks of service providers. Help ensure long term sustainability after the project cycle ends

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