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New Year, New Name: ‘Aloi’

From ‘Aeloi Technologies’ to ‘Aloi Private Limited’

Our former name ‘Aeloi’ and our new name both are the phonetic spelling of alloy. You might be thinking why we are changing the spelling when it has the same meaning. Well, in these almost three years of our company, ‘Aeloi’ was often pronounced incorrectly. Especially our stakeholders like grassroots level micro-entrepreneurs, the financial institutions, and the vendors we work with couldn’t pronounce ‘Aeloi’ and even in some cases couldn’t remember the name. As you know, a brand isn’t just a name, it’s the whole purpose that it caters to and how the stakeholders perceive us. In many cases, people couldn’t find our website and our socials because the name was so hard to pronounce and remember. Hence, with the New Year 2022, we introduce you our new name ‘Aloi’.

The re-branding journey 

Our rebranding from Aeloi to Aloi started more than 6 months back. From the name to the logo, we had to change a lot of things. Aloi and the team had a really tough time deciding on a new name and logo that still reflected our vision: ‘Unlocking affordable impact-targeted financing to grow a green economy led by grassroots micro-enterprises.’

Throughout this journey, we did a lot of brainstorming where we took a lot of ideas and advice from our team and other professionals. Even if we had to change our logo, we have kept the brand colours the same. With the help of all the brainstorming and collective ideas, we finally launched our new name Aloi Private Limited with an upgraded logo. We aim to continue to open doors for micro-businesses to more affordable business financing. 

Say hello to Aloi!

Aloi Private Limited

We are extremely happy and excited about our new name. Aloi is easy to pronounce and we hope now it will be easier for our stakeholders to remember that ‘Aloi’ the company provides loan insight software for financial institutions. Through the software, they can monitor loan end-use, view real-time insights similar to automatic audits on microenterprises.

Aloi has been working towards providing micro-entrepreneurs with access to affordable finances. We continue to help them build their credit score for better future financing. At the end of the day, Aloi is working and will keep on working to make the grassroots economy thrive. 

Here’s to the new name ‘Aloi’ and creating more last-mile impact in the grassroots economy.

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