Kathmandu, Nepal


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Podcast, Sustainability

World Environment Day 2020

Virtual escape room & AIESEC podcast

For the occasion of World Environment Day 2020 (hosted by the UN Environment Programme), our team, under our product brand name BijuliPower, organized a virtual escape room competition. Called “Save the Earth and the Earth will Save You,” the participants had to solve riddles, decode cyphers and answer questions related to the environment in order to escape the room in the shortest time possible to win.

We had a lot of participants joining us from Nepal as well as from other countries. We would like to congratulate team Youngpreneurs for winning the escape room. On behalf of the winning team, BijuliPower is donating emergency food worth of 130 USD (NPR.15,000) to 10 families working in Kathmandu’s safa tempo sector (public electric minibuses).

Thank you to all the participants for joining us for the World Environment Day celebration through our virtual escape room!

Do you want to try it yourself? Click here to play!