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Global Event

Conversation between climate advocates Sonika Manandhar and Dia Mirza at the SDGLive Zone

Sonika Manandhar and Dia MIrza

On 23 September 2019, Aloi’s co-founder and CTO Sonika Manandhar spoke about Climate Action at the SDGLive zone on the sidelines of UNGA.

SDG Advocate Dia Mirza and Young Champion of the Earth 2019 Sonika Manandhar had a brief conversation with Covestro regarding an idea of creating an influencer-icon that is climate-focused is a great way to make people follow things that helps the environment. She says just like a fashion icon we also can have a climate icon being a thing around the world.

Global Event

Aloi’s co-founder, Sonika Manandhar speaking at Beijing+25 Asia-Pacific side event.

On November 28, 2019, Aloi’s co-founder Sonika Manandhar spoke at the side event during the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference on the Beijing+25. She spoke about about how our company Aloi is helping the champion women to fight for climate action which was also one of the targets of the Beijing+25 Conference.

Sonika Manandhar, Aeloi's speaker
Global Event

Aloi at Cyberport Venture Capital Forum in Hong Kong

This year, our cofounder Tiffany will be representing Aeloi at Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF), under the theme of “New Frontier of Tech Venturing”. Backed by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Cyberport is a key institution spearheading Fintech in Hong Kong. The Forum is designed to put you at the epicenter of the trending ecosystem on venture capital and beyond – the rising corporate venture and strategic investing, dynamic investment markets along the Belt & Road region, shifting capital flow amidst the geopolitical volatility, disruptive funding platforms, and more.

Aloi would like to thank UNESCAP for their sponsorship to attend the Forum.