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Aloi Newsletter (January 2023)

Aloi Receives National Geographic Society Funding

Together, we’re creating a world that’s more connected and inspired.

We are excited to announce that the National Geographic Society has given significant support to Aloi to accelerate our growth and achieve our vision. Thank you National Geographic Society for their continued trust and support!

Jill Tiefenthaler (left) CEO of National Geographic Society and Sonika Manandhar (right) CTO of Aloi in Korea [Photo Credit: Sonika Manandhar]

More Partnerships Announcements

Pourakhi Nepal

Returnee migrants


Solar power for agriculture and EVs

Nepal Thopa Sinchai

Greenhouses and drip irrigation

We’re honoured that Tiffany Tong, our CEO, has been chosen as a fellow out of 4000+ applicants from around the world for this accelerator program.

With a refreshing break, our team is geared up with strategy and enthusiasm for 2023


Aloi Newsletter (December 2022)

Partnerships Launched with Two of Nepal’s Largest Banks

Aloi and NMB Bank announce strategic partnerships for Digital Financing.

The agreement between Aloi and NMB Bank aims to leverage each other’s resources and skills in order to deliver innovative solutions to green and sustainable financing, beginning with the electric vehicle market in Kathmandu.

Aloi and Nabil Bank Limited has join hands for Digital Green Financing

The collaboration between Aloi and Nabil Bank seeks to provide digital lending services to electric vehicle entrepreneurs through Aloi’s digital loan and repayment tracking system.